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K0VYZ Award Winner John Regan

Maple Grove Radio Club

Contacting the club

Midwinter Madness Contacts

If you have not attendend one of our shows in the past 2 years you will not be receiving a mailing via the post office for this year's hamfest.

The Maple Grove Radio Club has established the following options for you to receive email notifications of the hamfest.

If you object to receiving one email a month from the list server confirming your subscription, then do not subscribe. All of our list options are opt in so your in control. We do not, nor will we sell, give out, or disclose any information that you provide.

First option: This list is controlled by Midwinter Madness staff, no other events will be posted.

Second option: This list is managed by MNYARC. This list will contain event announcements from various groups and will be limited to 1 digest email per week. Please read the description on the link:

MNYARC has established a calendar of events that is accessible via